Obese Dog Gives Up His Favourite human Snacks To Shed The Pounds, Now He Looks Miserable

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An obese dog was forced into giving up his favourite human snack which seems to have turned his smile into a permanent frown.

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Once obese yet cheerful Labrador turned miserable after he was forced to give up his favourite human snack. Though the pooch named Miller has a lost a lot of weight, the absence of his favourite treat seems to have turned his signature smile into a frown. According to reports, the labrador shed nearly 1/4th of his body weight after dieting and extensive exercise.

Miller's miraculous transformation

According to reports, Miller's favourite human snack, peanut butter, had made the poor guy very overweight. He used to weight a whopping 49 kgs, almost 13kg over a healthy weight for his a Labrador. Reports indicated that Miller used to be jolly when his stomach was filled with peanut butter. Now, even his new bod coud not cheer him up.

According to reports, Miller had swallowed a beer holder one day. A surgical procedure was required to remove it. The doctor told Miller's owner that some amount of weight loss after the surgery would be good for Miller and would alleviate the stress of the stitches and enhance his well being.

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This meant that Miller had to give up his favourite snack and decrease his calorie intake. Thanks to the new diet and longer walks Miller reportedly lost an astounding 11kg in 9 months. But after the change, his owner Jackie Hensley observed that he now seems to have a permanent scowl on his face. Jackie reportedly said that everyone loves their snack and therefore she understands why Miller looks unhappy, but the weight loss was essential for his well being.

Reports indicate, that overweight dogs put more pressure on their joints while performing common activities and therefore, can be troublesome for them later in life. Reports suggested that Miller's food intake was cut by half and his diet changed from human snacks to carrots. Miller also took on much longer walks and play fetch. Though Miller still looks a little grumpy, he is fitter, quicker and filled with vitality.

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