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'Oh No! It's 2018 Again' : Sydney Makes Hilarious Typo While Welcoming New Year 2019

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

A hilarious mistake was spotted by eagle-eyed spectators during Sydney's world famous New Year's celebrations. While most were distracted by the vibrant, loud and impressive firework display, a handful of people noticed an error on a pylon of the Harbour Bridge just moments after 100,000 fireworks erupted in the air - ringing in 2019.

As the city celebrated the start of a new year, the projection read: 'Happy New Year 2018!' 

Take a look:

The images were shared on Instagram and Twitter accounts with the caption: Oh no! it's 2018 again

Twitter was quick to respond:

New Year's Eve executive producer said while the team was not "pleased" by the mistake they were able to have a laugh about it and move on.

"It takes 15 months to organise an event of this size and scale," she said. "It was a mistake but we can clarify that it is actually 2019."

"Let's focus on the great stuff that happened last night, it was incident-free despite a little bit of lightning", she added while talking to a local media. 

Despite the mistake, at least one million people packed the city's foreshore for the event. The theme was inspired by the city's diverse multicultural community. Spherical fireworks inspired by Saturn and gold and silver firework cascades, in a tribute to Aretha Franklin, were part of the 12-minute-long display. 

And without a doubt, it was breathtaking: