Pawsitivity: Noida Students Create And 3D Print Prosthetic Limb To Help Amputee Dogs

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In a heartwarming incident, students from Shiv Nadar School created a 3-D prosthetic limb for a dog living in an NGO. It was a part of the capstone project

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a heartwarming incident, students from Shiv Nadar School, Noida have reportedly created a 3-D prosthetic limb for a dog living in an NGO. According to reports, Alita lost her limb in a horrific accident and has since been under the care of a Noida-based NGO. The 3-D prosthetic limb was created as part of Shiv Nadar's Capstone project that asked students to look into problems plaguing the society and come up with ideas and products to tackle those problems.

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The initial focus was on prosthetics for human beings

While talking to a local media outlet, one of the students of the group who created the prosthetic, Arushi Shah said that during the group's initial phase of research, they looked into making prosthetics for human beings. Arushi further added that later on, they realised that human beings have ways and means to treat themselves and that is when the group decided to help dogs.

According to reports, students Arushi Shah, Sprihaa Singh, Shreya Mittal, Navya Aggrawal, Navya Jain and Uptal Chauhan took a period of six months to come up with their design. The school students also researched on amputee dogs before considering silicone prosthetic options.

While talking to a local media outlet, Navya Aggrawal said that there were a lot of amputee dogs with wheelchairs but not many were comfortable with their options. She further added that the prosthetic limb that they designed could easily be made by using a 3D printer. Navya said that the prosthetic could be easily created using measurements for the concerned dog so that it does not go through any kind of pain.

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Foam padding inside the prosthetic to ease discomfort

According to reports, the students also used foam padding inside the prosthetic limb that could be adjusted according to the height of the dog. In order to create the prosthetic limb, one would require to take a picture of the concerned dog and run it through a 3D design application and then print the design with the help of a 3D printer.

The group raised funds with the help of fundraisers and selling cakes to fund their research project. The girls even launched an online fundraising campaign and managed to raise more than 12,000 rupees. The money helped them work on numerous prototypes before creating the final product.

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