People Share Their Creepiest 'glitch In The Matrix' Experiences

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Reddit users returned to one of the creepiest topics of ‘glitch in the matrix’ and started sharing their personal experiences that were "unexplainable".

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Reddit users returned to one of the creepiest topics of ‘glitch in the matrix’ and started sharing their experiences that were “unexplainable”. Hollywood movie The Matrix was created around the theory of ‘glitch’ which makes things appear 'off' indicating possible unfortunate events in the future.

The term ‘glitch in the matrix’ is often used when an incident doesn’t fit in the context of the space-time continuum. For a fleeting moment, scientific laws supposedly stop working and the lines of the real and the virtual world get blurred. Such experiences have often been called an illusion or hallucination but several people believe that they have experienced unnatural activity. 

Stories of people experiencing a ‘glitch in the matrix’

Reddit user BanditSixActual wrote about the strange experience they had one night where they dreamed that they were in their sister's house with their sister's dog growling at them.

“This happened around 1991. It's the middle of the night. I'm standing in my sister's living room and it must be a full moon, because even though it's around 1am and the lights are off, I can see clearly. There's a mixing bowl with popcorn kernels in the bottom on the floor in front of the tv and some rental VHS in a pile nearby. I hear a noise and turn around to see my sister's normally very friendly labrador retriever looking like Cujo. Fangs bared, snarling, hackles raised.

Suddenly there's a bright flash of light and I wake up like I hit the bed from a great height. I think ‘That was a weird dream’. Eventually, I fall back to sleep and in the morning I call my sister, planning to tell her the story, but she preempts me by telling me about the weird thing that happened in the night.

They woke up to the sound of the dog snarling at about 1am. Her husband thought there was a prowler in the house, got a gun and went to find the dog. She was standing in the living room snarling at the middle of the room. He couldn't see anyone, so he flipped on the light. No one was there, the dog instantly stopped snarling and walked to her bed like nothing had happened. He checked the property and went back to bed.

We talked a bit and I found out they watched some rental movies and "Of course we had popcorn, why?" My sister is a little woowoo at times, so I decided not to tell her about my night. She lived about 450 miles away by the way,” wrote a user named BanditSixActual.

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'Freak us both out!'

Another user named Watermelly3 wrote about her odd experience when she passed by two strangers who seemed to be frozen in time for a bit.

"About two years ago, I went to collect my husband from the ferry after work. My husband got into the car and as I was driving very slowly out of the car park we both noticed two people standing a few metres in front of our car. It looked as though they were strangers, older looking professionals, both walking to their separate cars in different areas of the car park. The man was reaching into his side bag and the lady was further ahead than the man, with her head turned to the right.

I know the exact positions they were in because they were completely frozen on the spot! My husband and I sat there watching the frozen strangers, not saying anything to each other and then all of a sudden it was like someone pressed play and the two strangers just continued on like nothing had happened. My husband and I promised to each other that we would never forget how weird the experience was. I can't remember exactly how long they stayed frozen like that but it was long enough to freak us both out!"

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'This still gives me a chill'

One Reddit user named KitKeating wrote about the time he and his wife had the exact same dream.

"1985. My ex wife and I were sleeping. There was a small sliver of light coming in through the window from a streetlight, so the room and bed were dimly visible. Our black Pomeranian was at the end of the bed asleep.

I dreamt that I woke up, reached down to pet him, and he turned into a glossy black bivalve/oyster thing which opened up to reveal rows of gleaming glass teeth. I woke up to my ex backpedalling up the bed over the pillows towards the wall.

I asked 'what's wrong??' She said, 'what is that shiny black clam thing with the teeth at the end of the bed?? Where's the dog?'

We had had the same nightmare at the same time. This still gives me a chill."

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