People Share Hotel Hacks On Twitter Following Curtain Trick's Success

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People shared hotel hacks on Twitter to make your stay at the hotel comfortable. One of the Twitter users and a capitalist named  Rick Klau shared a hotel hack

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

While travelling, the most important part of the journey is getting a good hotel. Netizens shared their hotel hacks on Twitter that made their stay at the hotel comfortable, starting a unique trend, following a man who shared his "curtain trick". As priorities vary for everyone while travelling, several netizens shared key insight on what does and doesn't work for them, here are a few from the curated list. Luxurious hotels with big bedrooms, comfortable beds, fluffy comforters, and well-stocked refrigerators; these tips should help make your holiday a more exciting one!

Bad hotel attributes

Many times people get stuck with bad hotel service. The reality, however, is not as appealing as you imagine. There are certain attributes that you cannot overlook while in a hotel room, such as curtains that won’t close, weak water pressure in the bathrooms or the semi-crushed towels that smell horrible. But nevertheless, one of the Twitter users named  Rick Klau shared one of the hotel hacks that he learned on Twitter. 

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The amusing hotel hack

The post was indeed helpful and immediately turned into a viral post. Many people retweeted the post. Netizens could relate to the problems they face at their stay in a hotel. Many people started sharing their own experiences and hotel hacks. Klaus hotel hack was simple for the curtains which never close. According to the post, one can use hair clutches to close the curtains properly. Many women on Twitter commented that this hack existed long before. People also posted the use of a variety of clutches of a different colour, size, and shape to make the curtains look beautiful and closed. 

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Hotel hack went viral

There are many other hotel hacks that one can find on the internet. Despite who discovered this amusing hack, there are so many hilarious comments that will indeed ensure you a very comfortable and happy stay at the hotel on your next trip. Make sure to use these hacks whether you book a luxury hotel or one of the motels. Here have a look at the Twitter reactions.  

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