Perth Cop Saves 8-month-old Baby Who Choked On A Piece Of Food

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In Australia, a Perth cop saved a baby who choked on his food through CPR. The incident captured in the Police station CCTV in Christmas eve has gone viral.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

An eight months old baby was saved by a police officer in Australia after he chocked on a piece of food. The incident was captured on the CCTV of the Police Station in Perth on Christmas eve when a baby boy was brought in by his parents after he chocked on his food. Just then an officer was seen rushing to the couple who patted the baby's back as a first-aid procedure. The food came instantly out of the baby's throat in just 30 seconds. The child has been reported to be breathing completely normal after that.

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Police officers perform CPR to save baby

The Western Australia Police later posted the video of the incident on Facebook. In the post, the sequence of events was mentioned in brief. The force also emphasised the importance of first aid for saving a life. Here's the post.

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Netizens lauded the officer's quick response

The video and the post have got immensely popular on social media. Over 12K people have liked the video and 1.2K have posted comments. Netizens have lauded the quick action by the sergeant.

A user responded to the post in the comments section saying: "A very well done WAPOL. lovely to see a story about quick thinking, high skills and showing great kindness to those parents who would have been quite distraught. Merry Christmas to all serving Police". Another wrote: "Well done!!! Our police, nurses, FF and ambos who protect and save lives just aren't valued or appreciated enough. We salute the police and appreciate everything u do!". "It's one thing to know First Aid and another to administer it successfully. That police officer deserves a huge hug. Well done mate" wrote a third.

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Police save a baby from locked apartment

In yet another heroic act by the Police, officers saved a baby that was locked in an apartment in China’s Zhejiang Province. As per reports, the woman called the police after she realized she accidentally locked her baby inside her apartment. The situation was more urgent because she said she realized that she had left the gas on. Thankfully, Police were able to access the apartment from a neighbor’s balcony and recover the baby.

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