Photographer Captures Incredible Photos Of 3 Bear Cubs 'dancing' In Forest

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Photographer Waltteri Mulkahaninen is renowned to have captured some of the incredible wildlife and nature shots that he shares on his official Facebook page.

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A photographer captured rare pictures of bear cubs standing on their hind legs in a forest in Finland. The picture broke the internet as it appears that the cubs are dancing in a circle. The series of photographs capture impressive scenes of the bonding between three bear cubs, while an adult bear can be seen ambushed behind a bark.

The photos were reportedly captured by Waltteri Mulkahaninen, a physical education teacher who also works as a wildlife and natural habitat photographer. Over the years, he has been able to capture some of the incredible wildlife and nature shots that he shares on his official Facebook page.

Mulkahainen told the media that he was exploring the Finnish taiga, a boreal forest around the town of Martinselkonen when he came to a clearing and noticed a bear. He added that the bear was joined by the two others shortly. He said that he instantly positioned himself in a shelter 164ft away from the bears with his camera.


A post shared by Valtteri Mulkahainen (@valtterimulkahainen) on


A post shared by Valtteri Mulkahainen (@valtterimulkahainen) on

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Photographer hid to capture incredible photos

He had the perfect view and began to shoot the amazing scenes, he added. Mulkahainen reportedly photographed the cubs and the adult bear the entire day. He managed to take some rare incredible shots that one does not witness often. All the while, the animals did not realize that they were being photographed.

He said that the scene was unique, the bear cubs behaved like little children. They were happily playing, and even started friendly fights, he added. He further said that he felt like he was on a playground in front of his house, where kids frolic around. That's how much they reminded of little children, Mulkahainen emphasized.

According to the reports, the images were originally captured in 2013, Mulkahainen, however, recently discovered them on his camera and thought that they were candid. He admired the scene that showed exalted bear cubs frolicking, bonding and it looked like they were holding hands and dancing gleefully in circles.

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