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'Playboy' Star Ju Isen's Dog 'Francisco' Set To Inherit Her $2 Million US Home

Ju Isen, a Playboy star has announced that she is leaving her $2 million (£1.47 million) US home to her dog because she doesn't have any children.

Ju Isen

Image: JuIsen@Instagram

Playboy star Ju Isen has announced that she is leaving her $2 million (£1.47 million) US home to her dog as she doesn't have any children. She is currently contacting lawyers to draft a will in which she will leave all of her belongings to her dog, Francisco, Daily Star reported. Francisco will inherit the 35-year-old Brazilian beauty's two cars in addition to the residence.

The model claims that the money will provide comfort to her dog and those who will care for him once she passes away. "I've worked hard to advance at work, and I believe there comes a point when we must consider the future," she said.

When questioned if she had any plans to start a family, Ju stated that it is 'not the time'. Ju, who has 434,000 Instagram followers, is frequently spotted posing with Francisco. The pampered puppy has been sighted on private jets with her and is frequently seen dressed up.

Ju Isen's Metamorphosis

She admitted to having 50 plastic surgery surgeries after becoming 'addicted' to the procedure.

"I wanted to erase all of my past, when I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognise myself. I'm a new woman now," Ju stated, when asked about her transformation.

There were four liposuction treatments and three silicone prosthesis swaps among the plastic surgeries. She's also undergone facial harmonisation, hyaluronic acid and methacryl in her face, along with cheek surgery and fat injection in her bottom.

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Image: JuIsen@Instagram

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