Politician Escapes Prison By Climbing Off Window, Fleeing On Motorbike

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Politician escapes prison by climbing out window, fleeing on motorbike in Bogota, Colombia. Politician Aida Merlano was sentenced for 15 years for buying votes.

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Colombian politician Aida Merlano who was imprisoned has reportedly escaped by climbing out the window and fleeing on motorbike reported the Police on October 3. She made the escape while she was taken out of jail to a clinic. The politician was sentenced to 15 years in prison last month for buying votes in the 2018 parliamentary election, as well as illegal firearms possession. Aida was due to appear at a hearing discussing the possibility of reducing her sentence on the day she escaped.
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The CCTV footage of her escape

In CCTV footage, the former Colombian politician is seen shimmying down a rope and driving off on a motorbike. The 43-year-old had been taken to an orthodontist practice in Bogota but managed to climb out of the window using a red rope. The footage shows her falling onto the street below before hopping onto a waiting motorbike and putting on a crash helmet handed to her by the driver. The two then speed away.

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Authorities announce 50 million Colombian pesos reward to catch Merlano

Authorities said that the former Congresswoman had been escorted to the doctor's office by a prison guard but was left alone when the doctor suggested the guard wait outside. When the situation became apparent the guard found the material items that were used in the escape, they added. Following her escape, an investigation has been launched. The authorities have also announced a reward of 50 million Colombian pesos (£11,650) for information on her whereabouts. The local media has said that her escape had led to the sacking of the director of the Colombian National Penitentiary and Prison Institute, General William Ruiz.
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The Aida Merlano case

Aida Merlano was sentenced to 15 years in prison last month for buying votes in the 2018 parliamentary election, as well as illegal firearms possession. After an investigation was launched into her election and around 268 million pesos (£60,000) in cash and firearms were discovered at her campaign headquarters, she surrendered to authorities last year. The politician reportedly used a QR code system to check that those she paid had actually voted for her. Aida is the first Colombian politician to be jailed for such reason.
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