Preschooler Dials 911 For 'Happy Meal Emergency', Officer Delivers

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A five-year-old boy called 911 seeking a McDonald’s meal for his sister surprising an officer at the emergency dispatch in Arizona and gets it delivered.

Written By Sounak Mitra | Mumbai | Updated On:

A five-year-old boy called 911 seeking a McDonald’s meal for his sister surprising an officer at the emergency dispatch in Arizona. According to the call, the 5-year-old boy, Charlie enquired if he had called McDonald’s. When Charlie was asked about his nature of the emergency, the boy casually asked for "one Mc-Happy meal" and disconnected the call. In a follow-up call, officer Anthony Bonilla talked to Charlie's father telling him that an officer would be stopping by for a welfare check-up. Officer Randolph Scott Valdez stopped by the house to make sure there was no emergency, and also brought an Mc Happy Meal from the restaurant with him, according to the Mesa Police Department's Facebook post.

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Officer goes his call of duty

According to the post, he went beyond his call of duty and took some time to explain the importance of emergency calls to the little boy. The police department also shared a picture of Officer Valdez and Charlie holding his Happy Meal on their official Facebook page. The picture soon went viral and the officer was praised for going beyond his call of duty.

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Netizens all hearts

The image was praised by the netizens. Some of the users commented on the image. A user wrote, " Awesome to see a PD turn this "accident" into a learning moment with a treat, too! Thank you for caring." Another user said, "I know Charlie, he was one of my daughter's friends at school- sweet kid!Thank you MPD for taking care of his 'emergency!'"

The third user wrote, "Awesome Job officer....this kid will remember this as a very positive thing in his life...way to go!"

Another user commented, "This made me cry! What an awesome selfless officer who did this for aa Selfless child doing it for his big sister! I live in New Zealand and I'd like to hop that would happen here on our 111 Service with teaching the child but looking out for him as well. We should NEVER judge even our little people and the reasons they do things. Charlies Mum Kim ~ youve obviously taught your children well, good on you. Charlie will look after his sister forever. To the Policeman I say you wonderful man for teaching by example and correct principles."

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