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In a massive development in #RepublicExposesBofors, the Swedish government has confirmed that ready to reopen the Bofors case.

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In a massive development in #RepublicExposesBofors, the Swedish government has confirmed that ready to reopen the Bofors case.

They said, "Regarding the question if the Swedish Government would cooperate with India in revisiting the case- the Swedish Authorities will consider any formal/official request it receives in the matter." 

The Betrayal Of Parliament

In a fresh set of papers accessed by Republic TV, it was revealed what late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi told Bofors following the arms deal with the Swedish company.

The papers reveal that the then Prime Minister had told the Swedish arms manufacturer that some information could be kept away from Parliament. It was also revealed that the Prime Minister had promised Bofors that his government would find ways to stall information to the Bofors parliament committee.

In another damning piece of information, it was revealed that a copy of the terms of reference of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) which was to probe the deal was made available to the company itself.

What do the fresh papers reveal?

- Swedish investigator Sten Lindstrom was right about the secret Rajiv-Palme understanding

- Rajiv Gandhi allowed Bofors to dictate terms

- Rajiv Gandhi promised Bofors that Parliament wouldn't know all details of the deal

- Rajiv Gandhi leaked the Bofors JPC terms to Bofors itself

- Rajiv Gandhi promised Bofors that his government will find ways to stall information to the Bofors Parliament committee

World Exclusive | #RepublicExposesBofors

On July 23, Republic TV broke a world exclusive about one of the biggest scams in the history of Independent India, which the media exposed but has never been solved — the Bofors scandal. 

Over three decades after the scam was covered up, Republic TV's editorial advisor Chitra Subramaniam, who first brought out the Bofors documents in public view, spoke to the person who was heading the National Investigation Department of Sweden, the country where Bofors is based. 

Sten Lindstrom, now 71, who has never appeared on a TV interview to an Indian channel, is the chief investigator who knows all about the case. In an interview with Chitra Subramaniam, and subsequently, in an interview with Republic TV's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, Sten makes some extraordinary revelations, all of which can be found in the videos below.

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