Real-life Rapunzel Beauty Alena Reveals Secret Behind Her Long Hair

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Alena Kravchenko, who is from Ukraine is being hailed as ‘Real-life Rapunzel’ by her social media followers. The 34-year-old has over 13k followers on Instagram

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Real-Life Rapunzel

Alena Kravchenko, who is from Ukraine is being hailed as ‘Real-life Rapunzel’ by her followers. The 34-year-old has been growing her hair since the age of five and believes the real beauty of a woman is the length of her hair. Kravchenko’s whose hair measures 1.8 metres in length started her Instagram page last year. She uses her account to frequently post pictures of her blond locks in scenic backdrops. Her account currently has 13.3 k followers.

Real-life Rapunzel's grooming routine

While talking about her popularity and strange fan encounters, she revealed that she often receives marriage proposals from men around the world. She added that some have even had asked if they can sniff her hair which is the weirdest thing she has ever heard of. However, the Instagram stars said she laughs off such strange requests and doesn't entertain their advances.

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She explained that she became obsessed with keeping her hair long ever since she was a child, taking her mother's advice that long braids look good on a woman. Following the suggestion, she has now grown her hair to a neck aching 180 centimetres with plans to grow it out even more. She said that right from her childhood, her mother had told her that long braids adorn a woman and those words still live in her heart and her soul. She also revealed that for her true beauty lies in her hair’s naturalness adding that it the reason behind her long hair. She further said that it is the manifestation of her inner world, part of her soul.

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She combs her hair twice a day to get rid of any tangles and trims her ends every six months, keeping her locks healthy and strong. Speaking about her haircare process that can take hours, she said that she washes her hair once a week. The process takes about an hour, given the preparation before and after washing. After properly washing it, she combs her hair at least twice a day. She also said that she usually braids her hair or make it into a bun.

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A post shared by ❤Alena Kravchenko❤ (@alenuwka_longhair) on


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