Reporter Drenched By Tenants While Trying To Do A Story On 'hellish' Housings

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A news reporter got drenched by tenants while attempting to do a story on 'hellish' tenants and why they were harassing their neighbour Margaret and her family.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A news reporter who was trying to do a story on 'hellish' housing tenants got absolutely drenched by one of the alleged tenants in Blackburn. Reporter Sam Cucchiara was there in Melbourne's eastern suburbs to do the story and find out why the tenants in question were harassing their neighbour.

'Hellish neighbours'

Sam Cucchiara was reportedly there to find out why the tenants in question were harassing their neighbour Margaret who has claimed that she is so terrified that she refuses to leave her house. Margaret, 59, is a former researcher who was forced to move into public housing after she suffered a brain aneurism.

Margaret told local media that she was so fearful of her neighbours that she would not be surprised if her neighbours killed her and her family. Margaret and her family have accused their neighbours of being verbally and physically abusive towards them. She added that she is fearful of even leaving the house to the point that she can not let her dog out or garden.

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As a precaution, Margaret and her family have set up security cameras in order to catch the neighbours in the act. Margaret's daughter Rachel has claimed that her mother suffers a panic attack every time she leaves the house because she finds the neighbours and their friends so intimidating.

In the video, the reporter can be seen attempting to approach Margaret's neighbour's gate at which point he is immediately doused by a man holding a hose.  The reporter continues to calmly continue talking to the tenants but the individual in question continues to drench the reporter. The Department of Housing had refused to take any actions to help but after this incident, they have decided to move Margaret and her daughter to a different location.

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