Research Study Claims Human Brain Is Likely To Work For A Short Time After Death

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Research study by Dr Sam Parnia claims the human brain is likely to work for a short time after death and states the brain knows when a person is dead

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:
Human Brain

According to new research, the human brain is likely to work after death. It further states that the brain knows when a person is dead and keeps functioning after death. This very study has baffled scientists as they ponder upon the probability of immortality. Bringing back the dead is still a question as it is yet to be proved. The research is based on incidents when a number of people who have flat-lined or come back from the dead after a brief experience. The scientists state that such people have often described bright lights, sensations during their brief period of death. 

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Perhaps our consciousness continues going on for a short time after the heart stops and body movement becomes impossible.

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People hear the doctor pronounce them dead

This suggests that once dead, the brain is stuck in a body and sensing its death until it stops working by itself. There were many cardiac arrest survivors who reported to the study that they'd been aware of what was going on about them even when they were 'dead'. There were also cases in which the persons have come back to life and said they heard and knew when doctors pronounced them dead.

Dr. Sam Parnia studied such cases of cardiac arrest and consciousness after death in Europe. He found that anecdotal evidence points towards people still experiencing things during the first phase of death. People describe watching doctors and nurses working, having awareness of full conversations, of visual things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them, said Parnia to a media publication.

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Death is sure when the heart stops pumping

Death is more related to the state of the heart, once the heart stops working, a person is dead, said Parnia. The scientist studies what happens to the body after the point of death, especially cardiac arrest. His observations include whether consciousness continues at all or not, and for how long consciousness keeps going. The scientist hopes that his research will improve the quality of resuscitation and try to stop brain injuries incurred when restarting someone's heart.

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