Russian Woman Adopts 130 Ginger Cats In A One Bedroom Apartment In Moscow

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A Russian woman adopted her first pet cat four years ago by picking a pregnant feline off the streets, she now lives with over 130 stray cats in her apartment.

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Russian woman

A divorced woman in Moscow, Russia reportedly hoarded 130 ginger cats as pets in her quaint one bedroom and kitchen apartment. The woman adopted her first pet cat four years ago by picking a pregnant feline off the streets from near the litter, she has continued to adopt hungry stray kittens since then, with at least 130 cats inhabiting her flat now.

Tenants made complaints

The lady caught the attention of the animal welfare authorities when the tenants made complaints about the pungent smell coming from her apartment, which they suspected was overrun by stray cats, said reports. The strong smell began to fill in the communal corridor spreading across the entire neighbourhood.

Animal welfare organization’s Zoo Defenders were reportedly summoned over the phone, and volunteers were asked to investigate the woman’s home. According to the reports, they were shocked to discover almost 130 cats meandering all over the place when they entered the said apartment.

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A volunteer told the international media that the cats had occupied every nook and corner of the apartment, they were in the 'corridor, kitchen and bedroom', he added. He said that there were too many cats in the small space to even exist comfortably as there wasn’t enough room for the felines to move about freely.

Zoo Defenders found cats in terrible condition

 Irina Medvedeva, a volunteer with Zoo Defenders who found the cats, told the media that the cats were in a terrible condition, but they were extremely loving and welcoming. She further added that the cats looked half-starved and underfed. She said that despite a corridor, a bedroom and a kitchen, the cats lacked space to even sit.

Anastasia Soloviyeva, a carer, told the media that the welfare charity found homes for at least 50 cats rescued out of the apartment, however, the volunteers estimated that 80 more cats were still living in the flat that was supposed to be given away for adoption. She said that the welfare organization was seeking help on social media and a fund has been set up in a bid to re-home the cats after an appeal was put out by a charity.

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