Russian Woman Finds Out Murdered Daughter Had Been Swapped At Birth

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Russian woman discovered her daughter who she had raised for more than 10 years had been switched at birth and was sexually abused by stepfather and his brother

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Russian woman recently discovered her young daughter who she had raised for more than ten years had been switched at birth. Yana Alexandrova, 10, was also allegedly killed by her stepfather's brother, Oleg Akhtiyainen back in 2011 after being sexually abused by woman's husband and his brother. Akhtiyainen has been reportedly arrested and will be facing a life sentence for the rape and murder of Yana while the stepfather Yury K has now been sentenced to 13 years for the attacks. While talking to an international media outlet, the Russian detectives also said that Yana's older sister Alina, 21, had also suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of her stepdad. 

According to reports, Yana's body was found discarded in a forest in Russia and it was acknowledged by her clothes. It was after that a DNA test revealed that Yana and her mother Elena Alexandrova weren't biologically associated and were swapped in the hospital. Elena's blood daughter is reportedly now living with a loving family also unaware of the switch. However, Elena is not allowed to see the girl until she is 18 and she is not contesting the decision as she doesn't want to cause distress to the girl. While talking to an international media outlet, Elena said that she remembers the woman who is raising her blood daughter as she was placed near each other in the hospital. She further added that she was 'shocked and unaware' of the sexual abuse her husband carried out against her daughters. 

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Baby mix-up

In a recent incident, a Florida woman also opened up how she had been switched at birth and how tough it was for her to live with a new identity. While talking to an international media outlet, Kimberly Mays revealed that she and Arlena Twigg had been given to the wrong parents a decade earlier. She only found out when Arlena died of a genetic heart defect at 9-years-old and had a blood test that showed Ernest and Regina Twigg were not her biological parents, and Robert Mays and his late-wife Barbara were. Kimberly was reportedly born on November 29, 1978, at Hardee Memorial Hospital in Florida and three days later, on December 2, Arlena was born at the same hospital. 

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