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Russia's Dy Envoy Elaborates On SPUTNIK Lite & India's Medical Production Capacity

Russia's Dy envoy Roman Babushkin informed that its government was getting requests from the Indian States and companies for the supply of SPUTNIK V vaccines.



Russian Deputy Envoy Roman Babushkin informed that Russia is getting requests from the Indian States and companies for the supply of SPUTNIK V vaccines. He added that "all proposals"  are being studied "very carefully". 

Speaking to ANI, Deputy Envoy said the supplies of SPUTNIK V, the world's first registered vaccine against coronavirus, are going on according to the "contract obligations and schedules."

He said, "Supplies of SPUTNIK V are going on according to the contract obligations and schedules. We are getting some more requests from other Indian companies and State governments and all proposals are being studied very caefully."


SPUTNIK V was registered in India under the emergency use authorization procedure on April 12, and vaccination against COVID-19 with the Russian vaccine started on May 14. India has so far received two consignments of the COVID-19 vaccines. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Panacea Biotec, one of the leading pharmaceutical producers in India, on Monday launched the production of the SPUTNIK V COVID-19 vaccine. 

Highlighting the SPUTNIK V progress, Roman said, "SPUTNIK V is one of the vaccines which is included in the Indian mass vaccination drive and it speaks for itself. This company (Panacea Biotec) is one of the Indian partners which the Russian Direct Investment Fund and is developing a business partnership. The preliminary schedule is gradually is to reach 850 million doses in India per year. We know that there is interest from other business partners and even state governments, all these proposals we are studying very carefully."

Roman Babushkin compared the reliability of Kalashnikovs and that of the Russian vaccine because they are based on the technologies which are used for decades. Mentioning the status of the single-dose vaccine 'SPUTNIK Lite', the Russian envoy said promotion in India and distribution would be very helpful. 

He said, "As long as SPUTNIK Lite is concerned, it is going through the third phase of clinical trials. We believe the vaccine will be in production here because India is one of the leaders in the world in terms of the capacity of medicine production is a matter of shortest time."

Russia's Aid to India

Today, an IL-76 Russian plane carrying medical supplies for India to combat COVID-19 landed in Delhi. The supplies included 2,25,00 packs of Remdesivir (Remdeform). In late April, Russia sent two cargo planes carrying humanitarian aid to India. The Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered more than 22 tonnes on two flights, including 20 oxygen generators, 75 mechanical ventilators, 150 medical monitoring devices and 200,000 packages of medicines against COVID-19.

Roman Babushkin affirmed that his country is always there to support India as a "close and strategic partner". 

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