Scottish Woman Honours Late Father By Covering Her Body With Tattoos

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A Scottish woman Nadine Anderson spent £15,000 on almost covering her entire body with tattoos as a tribute to her late father. Her first tattoo was at 18.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

A Scottish woman Nadine Anderson spent a sum of £15,000 on almost covering her entire body with tattoos as a tribute to her father. According to reports, tattoos and body modifications such as piercings always intrigued the 23-year-old. She got her first tattoo when she was 18-years-old, a tree of life on her arm.

Nadine told media reports that she always wanted to get tattoos, adding that her late father's arms were inked while she was growing up. She further added that seeing her father covered in tattoos while growing up made her want to be like him. Nadine said that before getting her first tattoo, she had a discussion with her father wherein he told her to get one if she was absolutely sure about it. As she grew up, the 23-year-old went on to get herself a split tongue, for which she had to make a trip to Germany as it is not allowed in the United Kingdom.

Nadine reportedly said that she has spent 15,000 pounds on getting inked, adding that almost 90 per cent of her body is covered with tattoos. She further added that maybe she would add a small tattoo underneath her right eye because there are empty spaces that she would want to fill up. Nadine said that both her family and friends have been supportive of whatever she has done, adding that even though she has almost got her entire body tattooed, everyone still loves her for who she is.

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People give mixed reaction for her tattoos

The 23-year-old said that she meets all kinds of people ranging from those who are curious to know what motivated her, those who applaud for being herself and a few pass horrible looks and comments. She said that it is normal that when people don't understand something, they tend to shoot it down and berate it.

People who berate say things such as 'you have ruined your life', people will not want to employ you and comments such as she will regret her decision in the coming years. Nadine said that if she had herself inked with offensive tattoos then she would have understood such reactions but other than that people do not have a right to criticise art.

Nadine said that anyone having unsure thoughts about experimenting with body art should not go ahead with it as it something that can have an effect on one's life. She said that she is always open to give advice to people about tattoos or the aftercare steps after getting inked. She gave an example- if someone wants to get a tattoo on their arm but is not sure about it then she always asks them not to do it. The reason behind it is because if someone gets inked while being unsure then there is a huge possibility that they might regret in the coming years.

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