Solar Powered Plane Which Could Be Airborne For A Year Makes Maiden Flight

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The PHASA-35 is an unmanned electrical solar-powered plane that was designed to fill the gap between aircraft and satellite technology.

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Solar powered plane

A solar-powered electric aircraft which could stay airborne for a year has completed its first test flight. The PHASA-35 is an unmanned electrical ariel vehicle that was designed to fill the gap between aircraft and satellite technology. The electrical UAV was designed by BAE Systems and Prismatic two years ago. According to reports, the UAV will fly at altitudes of up to 20 km in the sky which constitutes Earth's stratosphere and can stay in the air for up to a year.

Electric Unmanned Ariel Vehicle

The test flight for the PHASA-35 took place at the Royal Australian Air Force's Woomera test range in South Australia.

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Reports suggest that the plane has a wingspan of 35 feet that is covered in solar panels that will power the plane during the day and also charge up the battery that keeps it airborne at night. During the text flight, the plane reportedly flew at an altitude of 2 km. Though this height is far from its goal of 20 km, the achievement is still exemplary given that the design was only recently completed.

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According to reports, BAE Systems believes that its plane could even be used in the future to deliver 5G communication networks. Currently, the weight carrying capacity of the PHASA-35 is maxed out at 15 kgs, which is much lower than the minimum 40 kgs required to carry input and output antennas that support 5G.
BAE Systems has also reported that their PHAS-35 will be commercially viable and available in less than 12 months.

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