Some CIA Officials Wept After Seeing Waterboarding Of Detainees

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The CIA is on trial at Guantánamo for its use of waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques at several of its black sites. 'Preacher' testifying

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During the United States 'War on Terror,' there were three men who were authorised according to reports by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to carry out waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques against detainees. 17 years after these enhanced interrogation techniques only two of the people have been identified and the identity of one of them still remains in the shadows.

The victims of the US's war on terror

According to reports, both the individuals who have been identified are present in Guantánamo Bay to give evidence in the courtroom of the military commission. In the courtroom, one of them is only referred to by a three-digit code 'NZ7' or his codename the Preacher because of his peculiar way of conducting interrogations. James Mitchell, a psychologist on contract to the CIA who helped draft and apply their enhanced interrogation techniques was on the stand on Thursday giving evidence in a pre-trial against five defendants charged for the 9/11 al-Qaida attacks.

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Reports indicate that Mitchell along with Bruce Jensen and his friend has been the face of US's torture programme for the last five years. Everyone else involved in the programme has remained in the shadows. The defence lawyers at  Guantánamo military commission have asked permission to question a total of 52 witnesses but till now have only been allowed, two witnesses.

The longer that the hearings regarding US's past dealings with enhanced interrogation techniques have carried on it has become clear that Mitchell and Jenssen are only a small part of a much larger infrastructure that still remains hidden. The CIA was in 2002 forced to close down its main interrogation centre in Thailand, once it was discovered by the media and all the high-value detainees, were transferred to a new site in Poland. In his testimonies, Mitchell said that when he demonstrated waterboarding procedures to his higher-ups some of them were tearful at the scene.

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