Spanish Silver Coins From 300-year-old Shipwreck Discovered In Florida

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Silver coins were found at Turtle Trail Beach in Indian River County, Florida where a fleet of 11 trade ships wrecked in 1715 due to the hurricane.

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A 43-year-old treasure hunter Jonah Martinez from Port St. Lucie reportedly discovered around 22 Spanish coins from a shipwreck 350 years ago. Martinez found the coins while he was scanning sand with a metal detector at Turtle Trail Beach, famously known as the Treasure Coast, confirmed reports.

According to the reports, Martinez was exploring the area in Indian River County, Florida where a fleet of 11 trade ships wrecked in 1715 due to the hurricane. The ships were laden with treasure and were bound for Spain. Martinez, along with a team of three, was searching for artifacts in the region when he detected a signal. He then dug the sand and recovered 22 silver coins from the 18th century worth approximately $7,000, each coin worth over $2,00, suggest reports.

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$6.5 million worth gold coins

Martinez, who has been hunting treasure along Florida’s coastline for 24 years, told the media that not everyone was aware of why the Turtle Trail Beach earned the title of Treasure Coast, this is why he added. He further revealed that this wasn’t his biggest find, he once dug out $6.5 million worth of gold coins.

He said that he knew how to read the beach and was always trying to increase his odds at finding something valuable. He continued saying that it was one of the worst summers Florida had ever experienced, and yet, the team continued working in the area where they discovered the haul.

Martinez said in the media reports that he had no intention of selling the coins or polish them, but instead, he will preserve them with his artifact collection like all his previous historical finds. He further emphasized that treasure hunt was a great passion of his, it’s the thrill of the hunt that he loved more than the treasure.

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