Spider-Man's Epic Bhangra Moves Becomes Internet Sensation, Watch Here

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A recent TikTok video of Spider-Man dancing alongside Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to the beat of drums has the internet applauding his awesome moves.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

Social media is a great source of entertainment for enjoyable content. The latest video of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man dancing their hearts out to the beats of drums has become an internet rage. In the course of the video, one can see Spider-Man taking the lead and picking up the tempo of the dance and performing bhangra.

Spider-Man and friends dancing

The video was first posted on a Facebook page called 'Memes Memes' on January 19 and since then has garnered over 5,000 reactions already and has been shared more than 11,000 times. Unfortunately, the location is not revealed to us.  Many users had a lot to say regarding the video.

One user commented that those were some amazing dance moves while another commented that spider-man was spreading happiness to the kids. One user commented that this was Spider-Man letting off some steam after coming back to the MCU. The fan was referring to the confrontation between Disney and Sony where Sony threatened to pull Spider-Man out of the MCU.
Another user commented 'Nice one' while another commented 'Awesome Spider-Man'.

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Upcoming Spider-Man Movie

Filming is set to begin for the all-new Spider-Man in July this year with Tom Holland returning as Peter Parker and Jon Watts as the director. Not much is known about the film in terms of plot, but as per international media reports, the story will follow the events after Spider-Man: Far From Home, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. The news of the latest Spider-Man film has come days after the trailer was released for the upcoming Marvel movie Morbius. 

Morbius was initially a villain to Spider-Man before he goes on to become an antihero in his own stand-alone comics. Morbius, a biochemist, and a Noble prize winner, in the comics, suffers from a rare blood disease. To cure his blood disease, he uses vampire blood, and electroshock therapy and something goes horribly wrong. He turns into a pseudo-vampire, and the first living vampire, meaning, he is not dead. He has the abilities of a vampire, that can make him fly, give him super strength, and make him weak when in contact with bright light.

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