Student Offers AUD 20 To Anyone Who Can Kill Cockroach In His Kitchen

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In a bizarre incident, a terrified student decided to hire someone to help him kill the large roach by coming up with advertisement, according to the reports.

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In a bizarre incident, a terrified student decided to hire someone to help him kill a cockroach when he came across it at the kitchen. According to the reports, the terrified student posted an ad for someone who can help him get rid of a large cockroach present in his kitchen. The student decided to offer AUD 20 (Rs 957) to anyone who could successfully kill the cockroach. The 24-year-old student, Bhargav Chavda, studying in Brisbane, Australia, was shocked to see a large cockroach in the kitchen when he reached home after a long day of work on February 17. 

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Chavda posted an ad

Chavda, who has an extreme fear for cockroaches said that when he went inside the kitchen to get food, he found the cockroach flying around in the room. He then decided to post an advertisement on Gumtree around 11 pm for help. He offered AUD 20 to anyone who could kill the insect.  As per the reports, the ad said that he needed the cockroach "dead right now asap" as he was starving of hunger. The 24-year-old also requested the person to bring their tools for the job. He told the media that the cockroach is really terrifying him and giving him mental stress. Chavda said that the ad received a lot of responses but none of them came to help him. He added that people messaged him saying that 'it is funny'. 

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Man blew up entire lawn

Earlier, a Brazilian man, Cesar Schmitz, 48, accidentally blew up his entire lawn in order to get rid of the cockroach infestation in his backyard. Cesar Schmitz and his wife were so frustrated by the presence of insects in their lawn that Cesar decided the only way to eliminate them was to set fire to the grass. He said that his wife complained about the presence of a lot of insects in their garden. He added that his wife is scared of them and begged him to destroy their nest all in once. He could not anticipate how intense his efforts would be after he threw some gasoline into the hole for good measure. A CCTV footage of the home can be seen which set off a massive explosion on the property in the southern city of Enéas Marques.
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