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'Taking Into Account Progress..': Alexei Navalny Says He Ends Hunger Strike On 24th Day

Alexei Navalny said that he was examined twice by council of civilian doctors and “taking into account progress and circumstances” he was ending hunger strike.

Alexei Navalny

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After starving for at least 3 weeks, Kremlin’s arrested opposition leader Alexey Navalny announced on Thursday that he had been examined twice by a council of civilian doctors and “taking into account the progress and all the circumstances” he was beginning to end his 24-day long hunger strike. The 44-year-old dissent said that the doctors, whom he fully trusted, inspected the numbness in his legs and arms, and advised him that he should call off the hunger strike. Navalny added, that the doctors warned him that if he was famished "even a little longer, we will simply no longer have a patient to treat.” And therefore, he was ending the strike, he said, adding that with the tremendous support of “good people across the country and around the world” his situation made tremendous progress. “A month ago, they laughed in my face at phrases like: ‘Can I find out my diagnosis?’ and ‘Can I see my own medical record?’” The Kremlin critic said.

Russia’s imprisoned opposition leader informed people that he was examined twice and was handed the reports. He was being given appropriate medical assistance by medics not affiliated with the prison service, and he was “full of gratitude”. Explaining the reason for his going on strike, the anti-corruption campaigner said: “I lost the sensitivity of the parts of my arms and legs, and I wanted to understand what it is and how to treat it.” Therefore, now, Navalny said, he was starting to get out of the hunger strike and as per the rules it was going to take the same 24 days and, as the medics say “it is even harder”. Putin’s opposer said that getting healthcare was his main demand and the reason he launched his hunger strike. He thanked his supporters for protesting for his rights and for showing solidarity with him by going on a hunger strike. “My heart is full of love and gratitude for you, but I do not want anyone to experience physical suffering because of me,” Navalny said. 

Protesters apprehended by Moscow police

Earlier, hundreds of thousands of pro-Navalny demonstrators took to the streets to rebuke Putin’s administration for jailing his rival. At least 1,700 protesters were apprehended by the Moscow police. As the activists called for massive protests in the heart of Moscow and St. Petersburg, because Navalny’s life “hung in the balance,” the Kremlin critic said, that two feelings were “raging in him: Hope and Pride.”Supporters of navally had called for half a million Russians to come forward and protest for the release of the imprisoned leader. 

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