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Taliban Fires At Italian Military Evacuation Plane During Take Off From Kabul: Sources

Amid the volatile situation in Afghanistan, Taliban attempted to shoot down an Italian military transport plane that was evacuating people from Kabul Airport.


Amid the volatile situation in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists have attempted to shoot down an Italian military transport plane that was evacuating people from Afghanistan on Thursday. Republic Media Network has accessed information from a source at the Italian Defence Ministry that shots were fired at an Italian military transport plane C130J Hercules as it flew out of Kabul airport.

The shots were fired while the plane was taking off from Kabul Airport with few journalists and 98 Afghan civilians, however, the pilot managed to avoid the shots. This is the first time that a military transport plane has been shot at in Kabul after the hostile takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Taliban seals Kabul Airport

The Taliban on Wednesday sealed the evacuation compound at the Kabul Airport and announced that they would no longer let Afghans leave the country. The drastic measures to curb the travel rights of Afghans come a day after Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid refused extraction extensions by nations. The decision was followed after the Taliban had accused the US of evacuating 'Afghan experts' and taking engineers and doctors out of the country during an interview with Al Jazeera. It had said, "We ask them (US) to stop this process. This country needs their expertise. They should not be taken to other countries."

Afghanistan crisis due to Taliban

Afghanistan has been facing a horrible situation since the Taliban took over control of the country. Republic has been accessing every day, the disturbing visuals of Afghan civilians stranded outside Kabul airport, as they make desperate attempts to flee the Taliban ruled country, while the rogue Taliban terrorists inflict atrocities on the civilians in Afghanistan. 

Though the Taliban is claiming to be a changed entity, the mayhem by its terrorists continues on ground, depicting a contrasting picture to the claims made. The Taliban had offered to pardon everyone including government workers and Afghan Military personnel, however, the situation on the ground has been visibly different from the claims made by the Taliban.

Several military commanders have been brutally killed by the Taliban terrorists. They have also stormed into the houses of Afghan residents and resorted to targeted killing. Women's rights have also been subverted. Taliban also opened fire at protestors who were holding the Afghan national flag on their Independence Day. Desperate scenes from Kabul Airport surface every day with civilians swarming the airport with the hope of fleeing the country.

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