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Taliban Reaches Panjshir Lower Ranges In Battle With Resistance; Many Terrorist Casualties

In an exclusive report by Republic Media Network, the Taliban has reached the lower ranges of Panjshir. Fighting on between terrorists and NRF. Watch.

Image: AP/@AhmadMassoud1-Facebook/Republic World

In an exclusive report, Republic Media Network has confirmed that the Taliban has reached the lower ranges of Panjshir. In the exclusive footage, the Taliban flag can be seen atop a hill. Currently, there is an ongoing battle between the resistance forces and Taliban terrorists. Reports suggest that the Taliban camp has suffered multiple casualties. Republic TV reporter, who is on the ground in Panjshir, has informed that several clashes have taken place between resistance forces and the Taliban.

"Taliban have started attacks on Panjshir from different directions, including Parwan and Andarab... Last evening, the Taliban claimed that they have captured the Kotal region. However, resistance forces quickly regained control," Saqib said.

Earlier, the resistance forces eliminated 41 Taliban terrorists and took 20 as prisoners in the Panjshir Valley. The incident took place near the Khawak Pass, when the Taliban attempted to infiltrate the valley. The NRF, however, was successful in countering the attack and gunned down 41 terrorists. 

The attack comes a day after the US ended its Afghanistan mission after spending 20 years in the war-torn country. Taliban's intrusion was met with a strong resistance. The Ahmad Massoud-led NRF has informed that they foiled the Taliban attack and killed at least 9-10 Taliban terrorists. 

Panjshir: The valley of Resistance

Panjshir, also called the land of 5 lions, has stood up against the Taliban. An anti-Taliban front has been formed by Ahmad Massoud to fight against the terrorist outfit. It is also supported by caretaker president Amrullah Saleh, who is handling the situation from the ground. 

Since the fall of Kabul in mid-August, Panjshir has been the only province free from the Taliban. The NRF has said that it has called for a negotiated settlement with the insurgents but will counter if the valley is attacked.

Republic Media Network reporter has informed that the Taliban has cut off the province's electricity and internet connection in a bid to restraint Northern Alliance's growing dominance. The terrorists have also taken over food and supply routes to the valley. However, Saleh has vowed to defend Panjshir Valley and has eliminated the option of surrender. 

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