This Iconic Spot In Trolltunga Made Famous By Instagrammers Has A Secret

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This iconic spot that has been made famous by Instagram has a secret. Anyone who wants to take a photo has to be willing to wait for around 3 hours in line.

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This iconic

Trolltunga which translates to Trolls Tongue is a rock formation in Norway that is just 2,300 feet above the north side of Ringedalsvanet lake. The natural rock formation was created by receding glaciers that broke off large angular blocks from the mountains. The iconic spot was made famous by Instagrammers whose photos became instant hits.

For a truly iconic picture

The town and eventually the country has become one of the most desired spots for international travelling now. But widening the frame of those Instagrammers photos reveals a secret that the social media influencers would not want you to know. 10 years ago, fewer than 800 people travelled to Trolltunga but that number is expected to hit 1,00,000 next year. 

Even though the rock formation existed for 10,000 years, but it is only recently with the advent of social media that there has been such a massive influx. A photo at Trolltunga seems to contain all the necessary ingredients for good online photos, distant lands, a touch of daredevilism, breathtaking scenery and what appears to be a soul-searching authentic experience.

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While the area is known as Trolltunga, which is as beautiful as the pictures suggest, the solemn mood that is portrayed in the pictures is not what is really happening just beyond the selfie frame. Tourist numbers have increased  and so has the lines. Visitors who arrive at the spot in search of that perfect photo can expect a wait for an average of three hours to get a photograph. The longest wait often follows good weather.

The saving grace for Trolltunga, that saves it from being overburdened with too many visitors is the fact that it is hard to get there. One can only reach the spot after a 10-12 hours hike that spans 28 kilometres. The hikers that want to undertake the journey must be fit and come prepared with food, water, headlights and other hiking gear. A funicular which is a form of train called Magelibanen existed that made the journey a lot easier but it closed down in 2012.

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