Tiny Lion Cub Gives Its Mother A Big Fright In Facebook Video

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Tiny lion cub gives its mother a big fright in a Facebook video by Edinburg zoo. The lions are Asiatic lions which are endangered species, found in Gir forest.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:
Edinburgh Zoo

A video shared by Edinburg Zoo shows a baby lion playing with its mother which is winning the hearts of thousands online. In the video, the tiny lion cub gets up carefully in the enclosure at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. It then walks carefully towards its mother from the rear while she is busy watching another cub. Like any human kid playing hide and seek, the cub pounces at its mother on reaching her giving its mum a huge fright and making her jump to her feet. As per media reports, the kid is just two months old and is already an internet sensation with its playful activity. 

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Reactions to the Facebook Post

The Edinburg zoo authorities shared the video on Facebook which is garnered over 1000 likes and tonnes of comments.  The video has been viewed over 42,000 times since it was shared on October 4. Netizens have been literally gushing over the cub. A user wrote: "Omg so cute". Another wrote: "10/10 top pouncing,", while a third wrote, "I love this". A user also spoke of his zoo visit saying, "I’ve been there with my family its a really good zoo". And then another fell in love with the animals, saying: "Such beautiful animals".

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Asiatic lions: an endangered species

According to various media publications, the video features Asiatic lioness Roberta, who gave birth to a litter of five cubs in August this year of which only three survived. The cubs' father is Jayendra, an Asiatic lion who came to the Edinburgh Zoo in 2012. Asiatic lions, which are endangered are now only found in Gir Forest National Park in India. Yet the numbers are decreasing and now stand at only 350, with threats including poaching, habitat destruction, conflict with humans and a declining number of prey animals. The lion and lioness are part of the European endangered species program. The wildlife authorities cite that every birth of these lions is a potential lifeline and increasing the possibility of future generations being reintroduced into the wild.

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