Too Successful For Friends To Handle; Woman's Post Breaks The Internet

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Too successful for friends, a woman posts her issue about communication gap between her and a friend, internet comes up with fruitful friendship advice for her.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:
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A woman named Ciara by the username @Themagicmuir has started a meaningful discussion on Twitter by asking her audience some relevant questions. She posted an issue about her friends not being able to communicate with her due to insecurity over her success and career. She said to her audience that while she is cognizant of what it's like for her friend to handle the situation, she immensely appreciates people who open up about their vulnerabilities. She added that communication is the key to solve major problems.

The internet users immediately swarmed on Ciara’s post sharing meaningful advice about how she must proceed with her pal from there. Some users said that they could relate to Ciara’s friend situation with theirs while others were more inquisitive about what caused her friend to think about their friendship in that manner.

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Ciara said that everyone deserved to be successful

Basis the responses Ciara received, that did not portray her in a good light in matters of friendship, Ciara shared another post with her audience emphasizing that everyone deserved to be successful and it wasn’t completely her fault. The Twitterati hovered on the post with a slight tweak in response, partially agreeing with Ciara, suggesting remedies to her at the same time.

A user wrote that she admired how mature Ciara was when her friend approached her, and that true friendship did not have to cause offense to one party just because their friend was more successful. Some users thought that Ciara was perhaps exaggerating her friendship issues and must have a talk privately with the said friend. All-in-all, the users had an assortment of friendly advice to give to Ciara that many can pick from.

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