This Tree With Multicoloured Trunk Depicts Rainbow Hues When It Sheds Its Bark

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Tree known as Rainbow Eucalyptus has a multicoloured trunk that is a unique and highly appreciated feature and grows mostly in Australia in huge numbers.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

The multicoloured tree named Rainbow Eucalyptus or Mindanao Gum, native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia depicts rainbow hues as it sheds its bark and is reportedly one of the most attractive trees in the world. The strange and beautiful tree has a multicoloured trunk that is a unique and highly appreciated feature and grows mostly in Australia in huge numbers, suggests the report. Green, orange, yellow, rusty red, maroon, brown, purple, and blue areas may all be visible all over the trunk, and on some trees, the colours are so vibrant and rich that they almost look artificial.

According to the reports, the scientists confirmed that this unique tree can also have pastel hues and somebody who would like to grow this unique tree should be aware that the colours are often much less intense or least prominent when the tree is growing outside its native habitat.

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Colour changes from green to multihued

According to the researchers, the appearance of the trunk might change from time to time as the patches of bark in different spots are shed away and the colour changes in the underlying area from green to multihued. The colour change occurs as a process, which means that no two rainbow eucalyptus trees look the same, and the tree is often referred to as a "living work of art” worldwide, state reports.

Professor David Lee, a botany professor at Florida International University told the media that the tree has a thin and transparent layer of cells that allows us to see the chlorophyll stored in the cells underneath, however, as the surface of the trunk ages, the transparent cells on the top of the outermost bark layer is filled with pigments called tannins is visible.

Explaining the phenomenon, he told the reporters that the combination of different amounts and kinds of tannins and a reduction in the amount of the underlying chlorophyll is responsible for the varying colours seen on the trunk of the rainbow eucalyptus, and that is what makes this tree look vibrant, unique and beautiful.

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