How Two Men Made An 'Earth Sandwich' Together Being 20,000 Km Apart

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Two men from New Zealand and Spain created an 'Earth Sandwich' by placing the slices of bread on precise points at either side of the planet, as per reports.

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Two men

Two men from New Zealand and Spain have created an 'Earth Sandwich' by placing the slices of bread on precise points at either side of the planet which was reported on January 20. The man behind the sandwich, Etienne Naude who hails from Auckland told media agencies that he had wanted to make one for many years and had struggled hard to find someone from Spain, on the other side of the globe. 

After looking for many years for someone to join in on the experiment, Naude reportedly found someone after posting an online message on Reddit. The men initially worked on latitude and longitude to make sure they were precisely opposite.

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First earth sandwich credited to American artist Ze Frank

The first 'earth sandwich' is credited to the American artist Ze Frank, who placed two slices of baguette in New Zealand and Spain in 2006. Naude said it was very difficult to organise since there's a 12 hour time difference. He added that there were plenty of things to arrange such as the kind of bread, the time, the (precise) location and so on.

He had to travel a few metres to find a suitable public spot on his side of the world. His Spanish partner had to travel 11 km. He used a laser cutter and burnt an "Earth Sandwich" design into  20 slices of bread and then used a slice to mark his exact spot in New Zealand.

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Picture posted on Reddit

His counterpart used nine slices of unmarked bread to make sure he covered the exact spot. The composite picture, showing both men, their bread, and their co-ordinates, was then posted on Reddit to the delight of other users.

Naude in response to one commenter wrote, "Holidays give me lots of free time to do strange things like this". One user said with their longitude and latitude and calculations they were within one foot of the precise opposite point.

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