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WATCH | UK Man Sets Guinness World Record By Blowing Out 55 Candles With Jump Heel Clicks

The Guinness World Records took to its Instagram handle on Saturday to share a clip of a man extinguishing candles that left social media users amazed.

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Deeksha Sharma
Guinness World Records

Image: Instagram/guinnessworldrecords

The Guinness World Records took to its Instagram handle on Saturday to share a clip that left social media users amazed. The clip features Tudur Phillips, who set a world record by extinguishing 55 candles through jump heel clicks in 60 seconds. According to the website, Phillips performed the record-breaking act at the United Kingdom’s National Waterfront on March 1, 2020.

However, the clip began garnering fame only recently. Shared by Guinness World Records on Instagram, Philips’ video has amassed a whopping 2.4 million views and hundreds of comments. Reacting to it, one user wrote, “How do you even figure out you’re good at this.”

Another user quipped, “I hold the world record for the most times of consciously deciding not to extinguish candles with jump heel clicks.” A third user vowed to become an expert in the act. “I will train my whole life to be the best at extinguishing candles by jump heel clicking.”

YouTuber sets record for making world's largest pizza

The Guinness World Records, which has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram, often shares extraordinary posts of world record holders on its account. Recently, it shared an image of YouTuber Eric Decker, who set a world record in collaboration with Pizza Hut by making the largest pizza in the world.

The giant Italian dish comprised 68,000 slices which dripped in 8000lb of cheese. "True story: When I was 8 yrs old I threw a pizza party at a bowling alley and no one showed up. To get revenge, I spent the past 18 years scheming how to make the world’s largest pizza and today it happened. No one out-pizzas the hut,” the YouTuber said.

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