UK: Snickers To Marathon, Company To Rename Legendary Chocolate

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Mars company to change the name of Snickers to Marathon. In 1990s Mars decided to renamed its nutty Marathon to Snickers.

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September 14 will be considered historic for chocolate lovers and especially for the die-hard fans of Snickers. As Mars announces to change the name of Snickers back to its old name Marathon. Well, if you were born before the millenials and are the old school kind, then the name Marathon is sure to bring back old memories. Feeling nostalgic already!

From Marathon to Snickers to Marathon again!

In 1990s Mars decided to rename its nutty and crunchy Marathon, to Snickers. That was the time Marathon disappeared not just from the shelves of the shops next door but also from our memories. The step is considered crucial in the timeline of the British company. The decision was taken to keep up with the global market. Since then its been 30 years, Snickers is on our mind. 

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Marathon in Morrisons

But now the tables turn again, the name Marathon has been re-registered as the UK trademark. As a part of the three-month trial, Snickers will be called Marathon in the UK outlets of Morrisons. The company Mars in its press release confirmed to various news media that the chocolate will not disappoint its lovers and the Snickers recipe will be retained. Therefore they should not think of giving up their love for the chocolate. 

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Snickers, best-selling chocolate

One cannot deny that Snickers took over the market with its peanuts and caramel recipe. With the change in the name, it became the best-selling chocolate in less span of time. The chocolate was first created by the Mars company in 1930. According to media reports the name was given in the memory of the owner. Now Mars decides to bring back the original chocolate. It will now be the new old-style confectionery returning back in the game. 

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Clever Marketing strategy

According to the chairman of The Food and Drinks Innovation Network, Jeffrey Hyman it is considered a clever marketing strategy of the company that would appeal to the consumers, he said while addressing the international media. Recently Mars also announced the return of Opal Fruits which received huge popularity, along with the return of Cadbury’s Wispa. Therefore this is being considered a way to sustain in the global market with its toughest competitors. Well, even if they are competing, what is stopping you, next time you see this re-named chocolate, run sprint and win your Marathon! 

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