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US DHS Says Amount Of Coronavirus Shrunk By Half In Just 2 Mins In Presence Of Sunlight

In an unprecedented development for scientists to understand the behaviour of deadly coronavirus, the US DHS revealed that sunlight can destroy coronavirus.


In an unprecedented development for scientists to understand the behaviour of deadly coronavirus, the United States Division of Homeland Stability (DHS) revealed that ultraviolet radiation destroys the novel virus. After scientists reviewed the literature paper in Food and Drug Administration stating that SARS-CoV virus showed no reaction to the UV light, the summary of exploration of unique response of COVID-19 to the sunlight was introduced to the White House last week.

However, experts have cautioned the US government to contact for caution until an extensive report was manufactured. A DHS spokesperson has reportedly even called the developments made in the research were “straining credulity”. The official has also said that a paper would soon be submitted for peer review and will be published in public journals. 

DHS formal William Bryan had reportedly revealed that the quantity of virus on a non-porous substance shrunk to almost half in just two minutes under the exposure of daylight, with temperature 21-24 degrees Celcius and 80 per cent humidity. Moreover, the amount of coronavirus suspended in air shrunk to 50 per cent of its volume in just 1.5 minutes at room temperature and 20 per cent humidity. 

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During the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House, US President Donald Trump had aroused curiosity among many when he indicated that light could be a potential treatment to cure coronavirus infection. The details of the preliminary findings of UV rays on COVID-19 was revealed to an international news agency on April 28 when the number of infections in US crossed one million and the death toll reached 59,266. In the last seven days, Trump has showcased optimism over his administration’s response to the outbreak and the progress American researchers are making in finding a way to tackle the deadly pathogen. 

“Supposing we strike the overall body with a tremendous, irrespective of whether it is ultraviolet or just pretty strong gentle,” Trump said. “Supposing you introduced the mild inside of the human body, which you can do both through the skin or in some other way.”

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Finding amazed experts

David Brenner, director of the Centre for Radiological Analysis at Columbia College Clinical Middle told an international news agency that the revelations have amazed the experts as most of the ultraviolet rays that are included in the natural sunlight belongs to a subtype known as UVA, that can cause tanning and ageing of the skin. But, this same type of UV rays is not necessarily popular of damaging viruses. On the contrary, another component of the UV spectrum that is identified as UVC is especially adept at warping the genetic material in the animal as well as virus cells and is even employed in sterilizing lamps. However, UVC remains outside the Earth’s environment. 

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