US: Woman's Face Becomes Semi-paralyzed Due To Prolonged Stress

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A US Woman 's face became semi-paralyzed due to prolonged stress. Danielle Ferguson, a nutritionist from California suffers from Bell's palsy detected doctors.

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Updated On:

A woman from California, USA is reportedly suffering from a paralyzed face caused by stress. Danielle Ferguson is a nutritionist who woke up one morning with a deformed lip. The 29-year-old told the media that it all began when she started experiencing cold-like symptoms; she was very tired and lethargic but had no fever, body chills or cough. Her tongue started to feel numb and her jaw was in a lot of pain - like someone had punched her, she explained. 

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Stress caused paralysis

In August 2019, the entire right side of her face was paralyzed, which a nurse had warned her about the day before. Just then the doctor diagnosed her with Bell's palsy and prescribed her with an oral steroid and antivirals. To her utter dismay, the doctor implied that there was no treatment for it. Yet there was hope as she was told she would eventually regain the strength in her muscles.

Afterwards, she tried different alternative treatments like IV therapy, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and craniosacral massage. She also creates space for herself every morning to do her daily devotional prayer. Yet her anomaly made her shy away from strangers. 

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Instagram helped revive her confidence

Gradually Instagram helped her recover as she found a connection with other Instagram users who had been through a similar thing. Today Danielle has over 12,000 followers on Instagram and she is now able to share her own personal journey to raise awareness of Bell's palsy. Looking back she told the media that she had a lot on her plate earlier which she has slowly sorted out.

Her message for people struggling from stress and depression is to listen to their body and it will surely tell them when they need to heal. The body will also say whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Self-trust is important, she said.

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Worthiness is not based on how hard you work, how much you check off your to-do list or how perfect your house looks. Ione is already so worthy and so loved, just as they are, quoted the nutritionist to a UK publication.

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