Valletta: Alleged Thief Patrick Mangion Jailed For A Month In Morocco

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An alleged thief, Patrick Mangion, who was captured on video after he was chased down on a street by a resident in Rabat, has been jailed for one month.

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An alleged thief, Patrick Mangion, who was captured on video taken from a mobile phone after he was chased down on a street by a resident in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, has been reprimanded and jailed for 1 month on the charges of trying to steal a car that did not belong to him.  Patrick was caught on video in a hooded jacket that concealed his face while he was being chased down the street.

The suspect was taken to court, where he did not plead guilty to the charge of stealing €20 from a parked car, hurling abusive words in the public and insulting the man who took his video. 

A befuddled thief

Police inspector, Robert Vella, stated that the police had responded to a report of a theft in Rabat. At the scene, they had talked to a witness who said that she had discovered a tall man scrounging for something in her family vehicle outside her home. She asked him what he was doing and he had answered that her dad had sent him to review the vehicle as it was available to be purchased. The man at that point left, leaving his cellphone in the vehicle itself. The woman further added that she immediately told her son, who had ran out of the house and pursued the man, recording him on his cell phone until he got into someone else's car and left the area.

The police then analyzed the video taken by the woman's son and went to identify the alleged thief as Patrick Mangion. They, later on, started an official search to nab the culprit.

The first to be asked was the man whose car was used as a getaway vehicle by Mangin. When traced, he told the police officers that he had been driving in Rabat, when Mangion had stopped his vehicle, got inside and requested him to drive away, stating that he had been physically harmed by two men. 

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The driver of the car had, later on, testified in court, stating that the accused had forced his way into his vehicle when he slowed down his cars because of the policemen around. 

Mangion was later reprimanded after he turned himself in at the Valletta police station. He told the police that he had gone to the Tal-Virtu' area that day because he wanted to sell his vehicle and was of the opinion that it was owned by the person he wanted to sell his car to and that is why he got inside the car to honk and call the owner from inside of his/her house. 

Be that as it may, when the vehicle's owner's child began recording him, he stated that he got befuddled and had fled, abandoning his mobile phone.

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A baseless allegation of thievery?

The presiding judge, Caroline Farrugia Frendo, saw that the recording shot by the owner's son child undeniably showed the accused cursing and threatening the man. Charging him of bearing liability of the charges and sending him to a month in prison.
With respect to the charge of robbery, the court said that the way that the owner usually left money there, created a certain amount of uncertainty.

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The facts used, demonstrated that there were no indications of forced entry and that the vehicle had been left in a garage belonging to the owner. Despite the fact that it was not reasonable for Mangion to have entered private property without consent, the way that the vehicle was left opened and available to other individuals, prodded the court towards uncertainty. 

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