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VIRAL: Man Wears 15 Shirts To Avoid Excess Baggage Cost, Watch Video Here

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:


  • A man from Glasgow called John Irvine was seen wearing 15 shirts to avoid the extra cost of excess baggage
  • His son, Josh Irvine posted a video on Twitter, the video is making waves on the internet and has made netizens laugh till their stomachs hurt

After the Manchester woman, Natalie Wynn, who was seen wearing seven dresses and two shorts to skip paying the excess baggage fine, a man from Glasgow, John Irvine was seen following Wynn's footsteps and taking this hack to another level. 

Apparently, when Irvine and his family reached the Nice airport in France they were informed that their luggage was heavier than the permitted weight limit. He and his family were flying to Edinburgh and their luggage was above the weight limit by eight kgs.

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After realizing that he will have to pay for every extra kg, Irvine instantly started wearing clothes from the bag to reduce the weight of the luggage. His son Josh Irvine posted a hilarious video of his father wearing a crazy number of T-shirts to avoid the extra pay and within just a few hours the video went viral making John Internet famous.

In the video, John is seen wearing 15 shirts one after the other. The post has collected 35,500 likes and around 4,480 people have retweeted the video.

Take a look at the video; 

Netizens' reactions on this video are also something you wouldn't want to miss, take a look; 

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