Locals Enraged After Visitors Leave Vulgar Messages On Australian Beach

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Locals had to clean everything up after the alleged European backpackers left their dirty mark on an Australian beach with stones spelling out phrases.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:
Australian Beach

When you go to a beach in the morning the last thing you expect is to see stones spelling out phrases and names of people with some of them even saying, "send nudes". But that is exactly what happened at Noosa National Park when locals went there for their morning walks. Locals had to clean everything up after the alleged European backpackers left their dirty mark on the beach. When a local, Dennis Massoud visited the park at around 9 am on November 24, he saw the littering on the beach. 

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Lewd messages  

Dennis took to Facebook to share the pictures from the beach after cleaning up the mess with the help of 10 people. Dennis also shared the pictures of the advisory put up on the beach for tourists and visitors. One of the signs said, "Imagine how quickly this beautiful national park would be destroyed if people didn't look after the park." Another line read, "Make your visit low impact and leave no trace."

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After Dennis shared the story on his Facebook page many people came out in support and appreciated his efforts. One of the users named Alex Harris wrote, "It is no different to graffiti. Someone has to clean it up. Ignorant self-indulgent visitors - the same who leave cigarette butts throughout the national park. And we have a total fire ban. Thank you, Dennis Massoud." Another user expressed his anger and said, "I can’t believe the mentality of people that think doing this in a national park is cool. It is very very uncool. Idiots. Never happened in our day. They need rangers on duty."

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Noosa National Park is the most visited national park in Australia by tourists, it is located in Queensland, 121 km north to Brisbane. It is not just in Noosa National Park, visitors are creating nuisance all over the world including some of the highest-rated tourist destinations on the globe. People are blaming smartphones as the main cause behind some of these disruptions. In one such incident, people are calling for the removal of the famous Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre Museum in Paris because tourists are not behaving well around the masterpiece while taking selfies. 

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