WATCH: Car's Bumper Squashed In Collision With Bicycle, Cycle Seemingly Undamaged

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"What is this bicycle made of" is a question that everyone seems to be asking after looking at this viral video.

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Recently, a bicycle collided head-on with a car on a street in the city of Shenzhen and, somehow, the car ended up coming out of the crash looking much worse. The accident was reportedly caused by the cyclist who was biking up the street in the wrong direction. He was not seriously injured.

Meanwhile, local police have refuted speculation that images of the crash must have been faked, confirming that this is a thing that really happened.

"What is this bicycle made of" is a question that everyone seems to be asking after looking at this viral pic. Netizens would like to know who is the maker of this apparently invulnerable bicycle.

Releasing a video from the sight of the accident, which shows a damaged car and an intact bicycle, they assured citizens that the pic was not edited or altered.

Watch a video of the astonishing sight by clicking here:

(The image of the incident has also gone viral)

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Earlier in December, a driver had an extremely lucky escape when his car hit a ramp on the approach to a road tunnel, sending it flying into the air. Police say the unnamed 44-year-old passed the breathalyzer test - the belief he fell into 'a microsleep' before the frightening moment when his car left the tarmac. The incredible accident was caught on security cameras near the Borik tunnel near Poprad in north-eastern Slovakia.

WATCH | Flying BMW Hits Road Ramp, Crashes Into Tunnel Roof 

A police spokesman said: "The 44-year old driver was not injured, maybe a few bruises but no broken bones. It seems he went into a microsleep. Interestingly, this video has become one of the most popular posts in the history of our Facebook page," he said. 

The video, which has since gone viral, shows sparks flying as the BMW clips some kind of ramp on the side of the road and flies 23 feet into the air before clipping the roof of the tunnel. The car then spins in mid-air before landing back on the road on its side and rolls on the tarmac.

No other vehicle was hit in the accident and a car trailing behind the BMW slowed down and turned on its hazard lights.

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