WATCH: Man Jumps Off His Chair While Watching Virtual Reality Simulation, Viral Video Sparks Laughter Galore

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It’s true that movies or any video for that matter often leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. WATCH: Man’s unbelievable expressions on watching Virtual Reality video sparks laughs galore.

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Updated On:

It’s true that movies or any video for that matter often leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. But what if the murderer in a movie pierces his/ her knife through the movie screen right to our eyes or a dinosaur or any other scary creature jumps on us? It seems a man in Yemen experienced something similar after watching a video in Virtual Reality technology. A video of his hilarious expressions at a VR screening has left the netizens in spits. 

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In the video, one can see men watching a screening, reportedly for the first time in Yemen, wearing VR headsets. As soon something unpleasant comes in front of their eyes, some of the men are seen trying to shoo it away with their hand and some who can’t bear it, remove their headsets.  

However, one of them is first seen flapping his legs, then taking his feet up on the seat, before finally jumping from his seat, right into a crowd of men. Even after removing his headset, he looked absolutely stunned as the other Yemeni are seen having a hearty laugh over it. 

Watch the video here:

On social media too, it was the same reaction as netizens couldn’t control their laughter and many thought it might have been a video about a spider while calling it ''priceless',  'scary', 'threatening' and that it had made their day. 

Here are the best reactions:

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