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Canadian Woman Survived Close-range Gunshot Because Of Breast Implants: Study

A Canadian woman had miraculously survived a close-range gunshot and doctors have now speculated that it was because of her silicone breast implants.


A woman had miraculously survived a close-range gunshot and doctors have speculated that it was because of her silicone breast implants. In the report of the case published to SAGE medical journal, the doctors have described how the 30-year-old woman as the implant was “likely responsible for deflecting the trajectory of the bullet” and proving to be life-saving. According to reports, the incident had taken place in 2018 in Toronto, Canada but it remained unique for medical professionals as it constituted to the very few instances in the medical literature when a breast implant played an essential role. 

According to the official website, the study said, “Based on our review of the literature, there are surprisingly few cases of breast implants ruptured due to firearm injury published in the literature.”

“Given the high number of women with implants and the relatively high numbers of gun violence in the United States, the authors believed there would be more than the 4 previously published cases found,” it added.

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Back in 2018, surgeons had found only a single point of bullet entry and retrieved it near woman’s right breast. However, according to the study, the police forensics later found out that it was copper jacketed 0.40 calibre and removed the implants. The photographs from the CT scans along with a detailed study have revealed that the bullet had passed through her left implant and hit her right one. Till now, the shooter remains unknown.

“Based on the trajectory of bullet entry clinically and evaluation radiologically, the only source of bullet deflection of the bullet is the left breast implant," it said.

"This implant overlies the heart and intrathoracic cavity and therefore likely saved the woman's life."

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‘Breast implants can save lives’

The study holds great relevance among medical professions as it is only the third case where the breast implant is believed to be responsible for saving the life of the patient. Even though such occurrences are “rare”, the observations made by the researchers can “lend support” to the detailed study of the fact that “breast implants can save lives”.

Surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue who is the author of the study told an international media outlet that on the left side of the body remains heart and lungs, and if the implants were not there and the bullet had gone inside the chest, it would have been a “life-threatening injury”. However, despite a close-range shot, the woman survived with a fractured rib and damaged implants.

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