World's First 3D-printed Neighbourhood Comes Up In Rural Mexico

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The world's first 3D printed community is developing in Mexico where a charity made the first two homes using the technology. New Story built two 3D homes.

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The world's first 3D printed community is developing in Mexico where a charity made the first two homes using the technology. The California based charity named New Story built two 3D homes in just 24 hours. The 3D printed homes are part of a project to end global homelessness. The non-profit organisation has been making homes using traditional construction methods in the past but this is the first time they used the new technique of 3D printing. 

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World's first 3D-printed community

New Story has said that they have built around 2,700 homes in places like Bolivia, Haiti, El Salvador using the traditional methods but it used to take time but the latest technique of 3D printing is not just less time consuming but also strong and durable. According to New Story, 3D printed homes are meant to last for generations. And 3D printing allows them to make an impact faster as the two homes they made were built in just 24 hours. 

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The homes that were printed for two families have a living room, two bedrooms, one kitchen, and a bathing area. The homes were designed with feedback from the families who will live in them. The non-profit has plans to make 50 more houses in the Tabasco region of Mexico. New Story teamed up with ICON, a 3D-printing robotics developer and ECHALE, a nonprofit based out of Mexico who is helping in identifying local families.

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Families are selected based on their income and the median family income in the Mexican community is around $76.50 a month. The community's monthly income is one of the lowest in Mexico. Families in the community used to live in unsafe makeshift homes but now thanks to New Story, ICON and ECHALE they will get a safer place to live which they can call their home. 

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