WWII Warplane That Crashed 77 Years Ago Is Revealed Again In Stunning Images

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The site was first discovered in the year 1999 by the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory and has been associated with the three missing US servicemen.

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Experts have revived the wrecks of the US World War II aircraft hidden in Pacific Ocean for 77 years that went missing off the coast of O’Ahu, Hawaii in the World War II, according to reports. The scientists from the Project Recover and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego on private research vessel RV Petrel used multiple scans of the seafloor and sonar data, and advanced technology in reconstructing the images of the Grumman TBF Avenger.

Site first discovered in the year 1999

RV Petrel, a research organisation established by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is a part of Vulcan Inc., started ‘Project Recover’ and regenerated scanned images in an attempt to search and repatriate American officers missing in action during the WWII. According to the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory data, the site was first discovered in the year 1999 and has been associated with the three US servicemen who have been missing since 1942.

The Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego revealed to the press that on October 11, 1942, three US TBF-Avenger Aircrafts from Squadron VT-3 collided during a training sortie off the Naval Air Station Kaneohe, now Marine Corps Base Hawaii.Two of the aircraft crashed in to the sea immediately killing all 6 officers whilst several remain missing in action since. They said that the crew of the third aircraft had bailed out and were rescued.

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Aircraft wreck settled on the seabed

One of the images released depicts aircraft wreck settled on the seabed at depth of about 330 feet and its engine at about 164 feet away. Reports suggest that the type of aircraft, the location and distribution of aircraft wreckage at the site are all consistent with the historical loss of the two VT-3 Avengers on October 11, 1942.

However, the researchers have not been able to identify which aircraft it was in specific as the tail of the plane has not been recovered. The images recreated intact wings, fuselage and crew positions, however, the cockpit area of the aircraft remains intensely degraded as the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) filmed the plane.

High resolution video cameras were deployed on R/V Petrel's Argus 6000 ROV to accurately map, record and identify the aircraft wreckage. Drew Pietruszka, the lead archaeologist for Project Recover told the media reports that the unmistakable wreckage of the a TBF-Avenger lying in over 330 feet of water appeared onscreen. According to the scientists of Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratories, the details of the site will be shared with the US Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

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