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Russia-Ukraine war | EU Will Help Ukraine Rebuild After Russian Destruction Confirms Mariupol City Council

Amid Russia Ukraine war, Mariupol City Council claimed that the EU will assist in the reconstruction of the city in the Donetsk region after it is liberated.


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As the ravaging Russia-Ukraine war in Eastern Europe has reached its 107th day, the Mariupol City Council claimed that the European Union will assist in the reconstruction of the city in the Donetsk region after it is freed from Russian aggression.

Mentioning European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the Mariupol City Council said on Telegram, “The European Union will help rebuild Ukrainian Mariupol. The plan for reconstruction after the de-occupation is already being drafted,” Ukrinform reported.

Furthermore, the city will be rebuilt in accordance with the New European Bauhaus - a creative effort that integrates the European Green Deal into living spaces. 

In addition to this, Vadym Boychenko, the mayor of Mariupol, remarked that they have not wasted their time, and they have already started working on a large-scale plan to rebuild Mariupol.

He added, “The occupiers have shown the power of destruction, and we with the support of all countries of the civilized world will show the power of development, unity and solidarity,” Ukrinform reported. He further asserted, “Mariupol is a city of heroes, an example of resilience and struggle, and it deserves to become a symbol of the revival of peace".  

As per Ukrinform, European Commission President Von der Leyen noted, “We must do so and we will do it because it is our moral obligation."

Mariupol is currently without electricity, water or gas

Mariupol, which has been temporarily occupied by the invading Russians, is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises the country has ever seen. The enemy's bombardment almost entirely destroyed the city. Mariupol is currently without electricity, water or gas.  

Apart from this, in its most recent report, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence cautioned that there is a danger of cholera breakout in Mariupol, citing the city's dismal sanitation state. While there have been reports of clustering cases, the danger is elevated because of the occupier's inability to offer proper healthcare to individuals in need. 

European Commission to begin discussing Ukraine's bid to join EU on June 13

Meanwhile, on June 13, the European Commission will begin discussing Ukraine's bid to join the European Union, with a final decision expected on June 17. According to reports, EU delegate Eric Mamer announced the European Commission's decision to hold a dialogue on Ukraine's EU application. Mamer said that European Commissioners would begin reviewing the newest EU membership bids from Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova on Monday, June 13.

According to media reports, Mamer further stated that the European Commission would offer recommendations to EU member nations following the completion of the European Commissioners' final review on June 17. At the EU summit slated for June 23-24, EU member states will decide whether or not to grant membership to the applicant.

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