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Joe Biden To Visit Ukraine's Neighbour Poland To Mark One Year Of Russian Invasion: Report

US President Joe Biden is reportedly set to head to Poland towards the end of this month as the war between Russia and Ukraine reaches its one-year anniversary.

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Deeksha Sharma

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US President Joe Biden is reportedly set to head to Poland towards the end of this month as the war between Russia and Ukraine set to reach its one-year anniversary on February 24. Sources familiar with the matter told NBC News that the trip is slated to occur later this month, although nothing has been set in stone yet.

Ever since the war broke out, Poland has served as a key gateway to war-torn Ukraine through the 330-mile-long border it shares with the nation. It has helped several European leaders reach the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv by taking train rides. If Biden’s speculated Poland itinerary has an additional stop in Ukraine, it would mark his first presidential trip to the war-ravaged nation.

While the White House is yet to confirm the leader’s trip to Poland, the Polish president’s foreign policy adviser Marcin Przydacz remained hopeful. “We already know for sure that President Joe Biden will respond positively to President Duda's invitation and will come to Poland,” he said on Saturday.

“We have agreed with the American side that we will announce the date of this visit in due course, but I can assure that it will be sooner rather than later,” he added, according to the Daily Mail. He also said that Poland is preparing for the visit which “meets the expectations of both the White House and the expectations of the Polish side. But for us it will be very important and crucial to continue supporting Poland's security." 

US provides extensive aid to Ukraine

Even though Biden is yet to make his first official trip to Ukraine since the war began, his administration has consistently come to the country's rescue by providing elaborate defense packages to help it battle Russian hostility. Earlier in January, the Pentagon sent 31 US Abrams tanks to Ukrainian forces after the Defense Secretary recommended it. 

“Today, I'm announcing that the United States will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the equivalent of one Ukrainian battalion. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has recommended this step because it will enhance Ukraine's capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives,” Biden said on January 25.

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