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COVID-19: Colombia Surpasses 300,000 Mark, Records Largest Daily Jump In New Cases

Colombia is the tenth most effected nation in terms of coronavirus. It has surpassed 300,000 cases mark and death toll crosses 10,000 mark.


Colombia is the tenth most effected nation in terms of Coronavirus. It has surpassed 300,000 cases mark and according to media reports, the death toll due to COVID 19 has touched over 10,000 marks. The National Health Institute announced the pandemic has gone out of control and is causing carnage. Medical personnel are desperately trying to save lives and healthcare organizations are urging for a strict lockdown to regain control over the spread of the contagious virus and prevent further health system collapses.

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Colombia tightens lockdown

In mid-July Colombian government had tightened the lockdown. The military carried out patrols in the Colombian capital Bogota on July 14 to ensure stricter restrictions. Military personnel were equipped with biosecurity equipment to avoid contamination and carried out the patrols during the day and night primarily in Chapinero Municipality, one of Bogota's eight most-infected districts. The mayor declared new stricter quarantine measures in various areas of the city, especially in the eight neighborhoods in the south and center of the capital.

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Colombia’s medical community urged Congress, to immediately implement a Basic emergency income scheme that would help people fighting in this tough time. The vice-president of Colombia’s Medical Federation reprimanded the government’s rush to reopen the economy. Healthcare organizations blame the virus and have gone out of control and they are asking government to impose stricter lockdown to control the situation. According to media, The Bogota Medical College (CMB) President Herman Bedoya said more than 4,500 healthcare workers have been infected by the coronavirus so far.

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