A PM Modi Blockbuster In London Today! Here's All You Need To Know About Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath And More

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The Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath mega event on Wednesday night featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises put India at the centre of affairs, not just in the United Kingdom, but on a global platform.

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Update at 00:01 AM: "People say Modiji doesn't respond to criticism. Truth is, I give your criticism so much importance that I consider it. My job isn't to shut you up."

"Modi isn't there to etch his name in history books."

"I have got this work. That is all I have. I don't want to be immortalised in history. Let my country be immortal. Let someone say that my country can show the light. I have no interest in waving Modi's magic wand. I am only interested in waving India's magic wand."

Update at 11:58 PM: If there's no Opposition in a democracy, then how can it be democracy? The biggest beauty of Democracy is criticism. Now, however, criticism has turned into allegations, which should be avoided.

Update at 11:53 PM: "We sent steamers-full of rice and other essentials to Rohingyas who had come to Bangladesh because we didn't want them to go hungry. Others were busy deliberating. We leapt to help Nepal when the earthquake struck."

"I had said we will not lower our eyes and speak, we will not raise our eyes and speak, we will meet eye-to-eye and speak."

"Today, at every international forum, India sets the agenda"

Update at 11:46 PM: 

Update at 11:27 PM: I can say with pride that when I left Gujarat, what I used to receive (gifts and such) I used to auction and forward proceeds towards Girl child education, and that this amount totalled to over Rs 100 crore.

Update at 11:24 PM: Today people ask, "Modiji, you're there, why isn't this happening". I welcome this expectation.

"I accept criticism. Criticism is a symbol of expectation."

Update at 11:18 PM: "If you keep the past situation of the country in mind and see today, then you'll see the difference. When I became CM, people's expectations were so low that they could only envision asking for electricity for a few hours at night. Now Gujarat is fully electrified."

"We have spared no effort to improve the country."

Before the news used to be "This much went, this much went". Today it is "This much came, this much came"

Update at 11:15 PM: We have resolved that we will double farmers' income by 2022. For that we will have to decrease input costs. I used to have to write to Central government over increasing Urea quota. It would have taken 5 years to introduce a new Urea factory. But by resolving inefficiencies and stopping certain ill-advised activities, Urea requirement was met. We coated Urea with Neem oil which benefited the farmers, provided employment, and stopped chemical businesses availing subsidised Urea for non-farm purposes.

Update at 11:09 PM: "No one comes into government to fail. Even previous governments came to office seeking to do something. But governments created a narrative such that people become dependent on the government. I believe this concept gives society a handicap. We can only life people out of poverty by giving them strength, not feeding them. And whatever can be done to give them strength should be done."

"11 crore people have benefitted from the Mudra Yojana, of which 74% are women"

Update at 11:03 PM: It's unfortunate that there has been a concerted effort to destroy India's great history. We've been told about one family, but many people may have heard about Basaveshwar ji for the first time today.

We know about Magna Carta but we don't know about our own history. Basaveshwara had sacrificed his life for democratic values. He worked for an inclusive society in the 12th century. 

Basaveshwara said "Where you stop, there life ends. Where there is momentum, you will find new avenues."

Basaveshwara is an ideal for the entire world.

- PM Modi on Basaveshwara

Update at 10:58 PM: "Children's education, Employment/livelihood for the youth and healthcare for the elderly -- these are the must for a family. A disease has the power to destroy an entire family. We have a holistic approach in the healthcare sector. We want to establish over a lakh healthcare centres across the country. We want to empower measures for preventive healthcare."

"We have extended maternity leave period to 26 weeks."

"I get tired of telling people to do Yoga."

"We paved the way for quality generic medicines that made them affordable for the common man"

- PM Modi upon being asked about 'Modicare' healthcare scheme

Update at 10:44 PM: "There is a student inside me that has not died till now. Whatever duty and responsibility I get, I try my best." 

"I told the country I can make mistakes but I will never make them out of bad intentions."

"My friend, the President of Argentina told me after Demonetisation, "My friend is gone" ("Mera dost gaya"). There was a fierce attack against the government in the media. But I had faith in the country and my people, that they were ready to experience pain for honesty."

"The people who throw stones at me should know that I use them to make a stone path and climb"

PM Modi asserted that "garibi hatao" sloganeering doesn't give solutions, action does.

Update at 10:40 PM:

"I work hard, it's not an issue. If I didn't work hard, it would be an issue."

"Why have 125 crore Indians elected me? I have no lineage, nor do I belong to a dynasty. The only credential I have is the love of 125 crore Indians."

Update at 10:36 PM: I won't say that in freedom's 70 years no government paid attention to this (Toilets and sanitation). That would be an injustice. All PMs & govts have made some contribution. But why is it that despite all the schemes, no change came in people's lives?

"When a rape happens, it's enormously saddening. To say 'in your government there were more, in mine there were fewer' is completely wrong. Should I also politicise the rape of a child? Rape is rape. How can one tolerate the rape of a girl child?" - PM Modi on the Kathua, Unnao and Surat rapes

Update at 10:26 PM: "India has a history of thousands of years. In no era did India try to annex someone else's land. In WW1 and 2, we didn't want 1 inch of land from anyone, but lakhs of Indian soldiers sacrificed themselves. UN peacekeeping force today has the biggest participation from India. Byt when someone is sitting hatching a terrorism operation and sits ready to attack India's citizens. Doesn't have the strength to fight a war but knows how to backstab... I am Modi. I know how to answer them in kind." ("Yeh Modi hai, usi bhasha mein jawab dena janta hai")

"We first told Pakistan about Surgical Strike, then told Indian media. Exporters of terror should know that India has changed."

- PM Modi on Surgical Strikes.

Update at 10:17 PM: "Like Mahatma Gandhi did for the freedom struggle, development should also be a people's movement."

"Till now, 40 lakh senior citizens, who travel in AC, voluntarily gave up Senior Citizens concession in Railways. Had I revoked it by order, there would have been protests!"

Update at 10:09 PM: "Some people say glass half empty. Some say glass half full. I say the glass is half full of water and half full of air."

"It's not that everything I say happens. When it doesn't happen, I think about how it can be made to happen."

In what may have been a shot at the Opposition, PM Modi says: "Ek chaiwalla bhi unka pratinidhi ban sakta hai"

Update at 10:04 PM: "Today if the country has expectations from me, it's because it believes 'put it in his head, someday or the other he'll do it'"

"Every night when I sleep I dream of the next day, and when the next day comes, I launch into it"

Update at 9:59 PM: "When you become satisfied, say 'chalta hai', life doesn't move forward."

"When someone says 'feverish anticipation' is a bad thing, I say they're old."

"There was a time when we had sunk into despair and had given up, saying 'leave it'. I'm happy we've created an environment where people expect things of us."

"The day my restlessness ends, I won't be able to help the country" ("Jis din meri besabri khatam ho jayegi main iss desh ke liye kaam nahi kar paoonga")

- PM Modi

Update at 9:52 PM: "Royal Palace is not Narendra Modi. It's not Narendra Modi's story. It's the result of the belief of 1.25 billion Indians. The Modi of the Royal Palace is a servant of the people": PM Modi to Prasoon Joshi asking him about his journey from a Railway station to the Royal Palace

Update at 9:49 PM: PM Modi arrives at Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath interactive mega event in London.


Update at 9:35 PM: CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi takes the stage at Westminster Central Hall; says this is "a historical place and a historical moment"

Update at 9:14 PM:  Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath event begins at Central Hall, Westminster

Update at 8:54 PM IST: PM Modi meets Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. More pictures here

The Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath mega event on Wednesday night featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises put India at the centre of affairs, not just in the United Kingdom, but on a global platform.

At 9 pm IST, PM Modi will participate in a unique event at the Westminster Central Hall in London, which will entail a 'conversation with the Prime Minister'.

Also, not only will the event be very high profile, but it also promises to be a visual delight! Ten meter-tall side screens and a circular screen of 3-meter diameter for projection will ensure that Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath has the best technology currently available.

After arriving in London on Tuesday night, PM Modi held a midnight meeting at the airport itself with the UK's foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

On Wednesday he held a breakfast meeting with his UK counterpart Theresa May at 10 Downing Street.

Following that, he's scheduled to participate in the following events (all timings are in BST):

1015-1100 hrs: Visit to Exhibition on '5000 Years of Science and Innovation' followed by Living Bridge themed Reception (Science Museum) - in the presence of Prince Charles.

WATCH: PM Modi Makes Prince Charles Burst Out Laughing In London

1110-1115 hrs: Pushpanjali at Basaveshwara Bust

1325-1440 hrs: Visit to the Francis Crick Institute; Tour of Research Labs; India UK CEO forum; Showcase of India-UK collaboration in Science and Technology (in presence of the UK Prime Minister)

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1600 hrs: Audience with her majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace

1700 hrs: The 'Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath' event

2000 hrs: A dinner hosted by UK PM for Commonwealth leaders

The PM will also be travelling to Germany before returning to India.

Follow LIVE coverage of PM Modi in the UK as well as the mega Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath event on Republic TV, here.

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