British Woman Gets 2-year In Jail For Trying To Open Plane Door Mid-air

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British woman Chloe Haines was awarded a two-year prison sentence after she was found guilty of opening the door of a commercial airliner in mid-air.

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A 26-year-old British woman, Chloe Haines was awarded a two-year prison sentence after she was found guilty of opening the door of a commercial airliner in mid-air. According to reports, Chloe was given the prison sentence at the Chelmsford Crown Court on February 12 after she was charged for endangering the lives of her fellow passengers and assaulting one member of the flight crew. Chloe Haines had initially pleaded guilty on December 23, 2019, in a court hearing.

Jet2 suffered loss of 85,000 pounds

According to reports, the dangerous incident occurred onboard a Jet2 flight in June 2019. The aircraft was on its way to Dalaman, Turkey. However, the plane was forced to return to the United Kingdom when the accused tried to open a door, forcing the Royal Airforce to scramble its jets to intercept the plane.

According to reports, one of the cabin crew members, Charley Coombes was scratched by Chloe Haines as she stopped the accused from opening the plane's door. Chloe started shouting that she was going to kill everybody by opening the door in mid-air. Jet2 claimed that it had suffered a loss of 85,000 pounds because of the mid-air disruption.

According to reports, prosecutor, Michael Crimp said that Chloe claimed that she had lost consciousness and did not remember what had actually happened. The presiding judge of the case, Charles Gratwicke said that the defendant's fellow passengers would obviously be tensed in such a situation and also be scared by the actions of an intoxicated individual who is endangering their lives.

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Chloe Haines was arrested for disruptive behaviour

After the incident took place and Chloe Haines was arrested for disruptive behaviour, the police of Essex posted a tweet in relation to the incident.


In a statement on their official Facebook handle, Essex police said, "A woman who tried to open a plane door whilst intoxicated has been sentenced to two years in prison. Chloe Haines, 26, received the penalty for assault by beating and recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft or people within. 


"Haines was a passenger on a Jet2 flight to Dalaman on the evening of Saturday 22 June 2019, when she became verbally abusive to passengers and members of staff onboard the aircraft. She attempted to open the emergency exit doors, forcing the plane to land at Stansted Airport".

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