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Coronavirus Testing Will Increase To 25,000 A Day: British PM

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Britain is planning to increase its capacity to conduct COVID-19 tests a day to 25 thousand by mid-April

Britain plans to increase testing capacity to 25,000 a day

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Britain is attempting to increase its capacity to conduct COVID-19 tests per day. According to reports, Britain plans to increase its testing capacity to 25,000 a day compared to its present capacity of 12,750 a day. Britain has recently started to test medical staff in hospitals as well. But critics have pointed out that it is not expanding its texting fast enough or wide enough.

Increase daily testing capacity

As per reports, Britain’s housing minister Robert Jenrick on April 1 told local media that 8,240 individuals were tested on March 30 and over 900 medical professionals and health workers were tested over the weekend. According to the report, Jenrick added that Britain presently had the capacity to test 12,750 people every day and that they were focusing that capacity on people with critical conditions. Jenrick added that in a few days Britain would be able to increase that capacity to 15,000 which would be a significant increase but they aim to reach 25,000 tests a day by Mid-April.

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Contaminated Test Kits

Laboratories across Britain might receive the COVID-19 test kits later than expected as the key components which were ordered from other countries were reportedly found contaminated with coronavirus itself. According to British media reports, this revelation comes as questions surround the ministers and public health chiefs over Britain’s capacity to carry out tests in a larger capacity like other countries including United States, South Korea. 

As the number of coronavirus infections in the country spike to 25,150 with at least 1,789 fatalities, Luxembourg-based manufacturer reportedly told the UK labs on March 30 that deliveries might be delayed as some parts were found contaminated with COVID-19. However, government sources told a British newspaper that the delivery of test kits should not significantly affect the country’s testing efforts. 

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