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COVID: Terminally Ill Man's Family Reunion Marred By UK's Red List Quarantine Rules

A terminally ill UK man named Niel McLachlan wanted to visit his family in South Africa for the last time but was hindered by the new quarantine laws by the UK


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A terminally ill man from the UK named Niel McLachlan wanted to visit his family in South Africa for the last time but his plan was hindered by the new quarantine laws by the UK. Benita McLachlan, Niel's wife travelled to Cape Town with her sick husband to spend some time with their family. They arrived in South Africa on 17 November, just nine days before it was added to the UK government's red list. After arriving, the couple from Peterborough, England came to know about the new quarantine rules in the UK.

Benita stated that the government's hasty decision to implement red lists and quarantine hotels ruined their precious time together as they couldn't enjoy the trip. The couple had to go to the quarantine hotel after returning to the UK, which was impossible for Niel. Benita stated that her 63-year-old husband Niel can not be in the hotel quarantine as he had to attend a critical appointment with his oncology doctor in Peterborough, a two-hour trip from London, according to BBC.

Benita's request for home quarantine was turned down twice

Benita requested an exemption twice to allow the couple to quarantine at their home, which was one mile from the Peterborough hospital. She was refused down both times by the Department of Health and Social Care. According to BBC, Benita stated that her husband was unable to sit upright in bed and that quarantining him in a hotel would be unrealistic and impractical for someone towards the end of their life. She criticised the UK government by stating that their lack of knowledge and compassion is an insult on so many levels.

She continued by saying that she felt harassed and greatly prejudiced against after attempting to grant one of Niel's ultimate desires. She also said that she and her husband were relieved to be able to return to the UK, but she claims that she is exhausted by the whole affair as she spent days on the phone and online trying to file for the exemption, gathering evidence from the oncologist, and doing other tasks in South Africa.

Trip turns into waste of time

As per BBC, she also said that this is a waste of time on a trip that was supposed to be memorable. McLachlan's case is one of many cases taken up by the law firm PGMBM, which filed a human rights action against the hotel quarantine ruling in the High Court last week.

Image: Unsplash/ AP

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